Drinking Straws Automatic Counting and Feeding Machine

Group Automatic Feeding and Packing Lines
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Update Time 2020-09-01
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Drinking Straws Automatic Feeding Machine picture
Drinking Straws Automatic Feeding Machine(with 3 suction heads)
Automatic Feeding Machine introduction
The automatic straw cutting and feeding machine belongs to the high-end automation accessory products of the packaging machine. The control system adopts the SIEMENS touch screen display setting, the PLC adopts Siemens control, and the counting photoelectric adopts the Japanese Keyence optical fiber sensor configuration, and cooperates with the stepping drive to achieve perfect feeding control effect. This machine is suitable for bottled beverages, and the automatic feeding of straws during collective packaging. The suction straw is controlled by servo motor. The straw cutting adopts the cylinder to push the cutter cutting method. It has the bottle detection, error alarm, automatic shutdown and reset function, automatic speed regulation, and man-machine interface speed regulation. .

Technical Parameters Drinking Straws Automatic Feeding Machine :
1. Model Name: SWHTG-2A Straws Automatic Cutting and Feeding Machine(with 3 Suction heads)
2. Speed: 30-125 bags / minute continuously adjustable, according to the speed of the packaging machine, automatically match the pipe casting speed
3. Straw size: diameter ¢ 3.7-5.5 (±0.15mm) length of straw less than 200 mm,
4. Number of straws per pack: 2-5
5. Voltage: single phase AC 220V
6. Power: 3.3KW
7. Equipment size: 1500*1000*1750mm

Features Of Drinking Straws Automatic Feeding Machine 
1. Change the variety fast
2. High production efficiency
3. save labor
4. Simple operation
5. Control accuracy