Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

Technical  Assistance

Technical support provides a broad range of services that are aimed at ensuring our customers experience maximum effective up-time with the peace of mind that technical assistance is available when  and where it is needed. These services include:

Installation and commissioning

    We lay the foundations for success from the day one, Our customers place great importance on their systems being installed quickly

    and efficiently, for which they always receive close cooperation from Sanweihe machinery. This means that we not only get production 

    up and running more quickly, we also ensure the optimal performance of the machines.

Preventive maintenance programs

    Prevention is better than cure. we offer our customers different maintenance plans in order to ensure that all necessary adaptations and

    corrections are implemented on time, thus making our solutions even more reliable. This minimises or prevents unscheduled interruptions,

    increases the safety and reliability of the systems and  reduces costs by extending the useful life of the systems and tools.

Product set-up support·

Telephone support

    Telephone services will be free of charge, if you meet any problem during using our machine, just call us, we will provide any support as we


Equipment  optimization  services