What if I can't install the packing machine personally?

We will install all the equipment before arranging shipment, provide user manuals for your reference, and our machine is very easy to operate. Welcome to our factory to learn the machine.

What methods of payment can be used?

What methods of payment can be used? T / T, L / C, etc. can be used.

What Kind of Products Do Your Company Offer?

What kind of products do you offer? we offer horizontal flow packing machine, shrink wrapping machine, Automatic packing machine for mosquito mat, Noodle automatic weighing and packing machine, Tray-free over-wrapping machine, automatic feeding lines, etc

What Kinds of Services Will You Have?

The Thorough Services We Provide We take great pride in providing you with a thorough and enjoyable process. Our dedicated sales team will listen to your needs and provide you with quality solutions. Our in-house engineering team works to design your packing machine with our high performance and proven technology. Our technicians and in-house manufacturing team build your packing machine from start to finish to deliver you a product that will exceed your expectations. When your new packing machine arrives at your site, our technicians are available for installation, set-up, and training. First and For most, we are committed to an successful long term relationship.

What is the packing speed of your flow packing machine?

Our machine packing speed is from 20 to 200 packs per minutes, the speed is adjustable.                              Machine Parameters Packing Material PVC、POF、  PE  heat shrinkable film  Packing Speed 30-200bags/min Dimension of whole machine set 8100x1250x1800mm Power consumption 21kw

Do you offer after sale service?

Yes we offer after sale service, you can send email or call us when have some problem, we will help you to solve the problem freely, we will also send the spare parts for replacement, of course the spare parts are not for free X-Fold Packing Machine Packing machine for Mosquito Repellent mat,

Is there any guarantee covering the machine?

Our guarantee time for packing machine is 1 year