What kind of material is used for the main body of the machine?
We use carbon steel or stainless steel material, depends on the customer’s request.
Horizontal Flow Pack Machine
Flow Pack Machine
It is suitable for package of washing foam, Popsicle, instant noodles, ice cream bar, moon cakes, biscuits, bread, meat food, frozen food, toilet soap, medicine tablets, plastic transfusion, incense coil, industrial products, plastic forks and knives etc.
Mosquito Mat automatic Packing Machine
Automatic packing for mosquito mat.
The chemical liquid injection and automatic packing for mosquito matIt is superior quality and timely delivery. The Packaging machine absorbs other machine advantages and deleting their shortages. Packaging machine is with high speed and accurate liquid injection.
X-fold packing machine
AOver Wrapping tpe packing machine
Biscuit and wafer with different types of shapes (eg. Round, rectangular, square, elliptical, angular) with the different measurements
Shrink Packing Machine
Automatic Shrink Wrapping Packing Machine
Single unit shrink packed products, such as bowl instant noodles, card, food box, plastic bottle, incense coils, also suitable for collective shrink packed products like fruit-milk, pet bottles,daily necessities, etc. 

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